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Our weekday programs during the school year are comprehensive, designed by our teachers to incorporate a holistic approach to education. A 'typical day' at Little Pebbles will include:

Circle Time/Creative Play!


Bible Stories!


Story Time!

Arts & Crafts!

 Recreational Activities!

Scholastically, our students are taught the necessary academics, meeting the New York State Pre-Kindergarten standards appropriate for their age. These academics include colors, shapes, numbers, the alphabet, and the calendar. They are also taught the basics of good behavior such as sharing, getting in line, and listening to their teachers and being a light to others. Fun is always encouraged through directive play. The children enjoy many festivities throughout the year including birthday parties, a Thanksgiving Feast, and end-of-the-year celebrations. We also host various in-house activities for parents to attend, as well as a formal graduation from the pre-k class each June.

Our program schedules vary; they are custom-fit to the developmental needs of each age group. Click below for a more detailed look at each of our age-specific programs!

Children Reading the Holy Bible
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